Dr Ron Smith, CD, PhD (15037)

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Computer Security Lab / Royal Military College of Canada

Courses currently offered:

Courses previously taught:
        Computer Systems and Network Security - EE579 (by request / contact Dr Sylvain Leblanc)

        Aerospace Systems and Avionics (archive of Winter 2008) - EEE381B (by request)

Software Processes and Work Products (archive of Fall 2007) - EEE492A / GEF492A
        Introduction to Software Engineering - EE591 (by request)
4th Year Projects (2008/2009) - EEE455/457  &
Projets de  4ième anneés - GEF455/457 (by request)
Engineering Economics - GEE283
(archive of Fall 2005) (by request)

Real-Time Operating  Systems - EE551 (archive of Fall 2005) (by request)

Real Time Systems (archive of Winter 2008) - EEE499B  /  EE585 (by request)

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (archive of Fall 2004) - EE573 (by request)

Software Process and Quality (archive of Fall 2002) - EEE493A (by request)

Canadian Forces Intensive Course in Software Engineering (by request)

Logic Design (archive of Fall 2000) - EEE345A (by request)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario

Telephone: 613-541-6000 Ext 6030
FAX: (613) 544-8107
Office: Sawyer Building, room 4110
e-mail: smith-r at rmc dot ca

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